The Chris Gethard Show Cross Country Adventure

I am really excited to talk a little bit about The Cross Country Adventure.

It is by far the most ambitious thing we’ve done with The Chris Gethard Show and it promises to be a reaaaaaaaal shit show! Here’s the basic premise –

We’re doing a show on January 15th. The whole cast and crew is then gonna get into an RV and drive around the country for twelve days. And we’re not planning shit! We’re letting you tell us where we should go. We fundraised for the show and as part of that fundraising we got shows in Boston, Richmond, Chapel Hill, and Austin. Outside of that, you can follow all of the action on Twitter by searching for #AmericaGethard. Furthermore, this website is designed to let you follow the trip in a really cool way!

If you click on the tab that says “The Road Trip”, you’ll be brought to a page that will show you all of our posts about the trip and all of the tweets rolling in from America about it. You’ll also see a map. That map will have pin points on it that look like a cartoon drawing of my head. If you click on those heads, you’ll be able to see exactly what we did in that location! Our posts and videos will all be archived here and you’ll literally be able to follow us across America. We’ll be shooting, editing, and uploading things constantly, so while it won’t be a live broadcast, this will all be archived surprisingly close to real time (barring any technical disasters, which are almost definite, and almost definitely just one of the many kind of disasters this trip will lead to.)

We’ll also have writeups at, which is a really kickass comedy blog.

So follow us here, follow #AmericaGethard on Twitter, and if you really want the full experience, follow all of these people on Twitter –

@ChrisGethard, @Spotastic, @Fadonz, @willhines, @JonathanDemuth, @RobotRiley, @JDAmato, @JoeEvansIII, @whoaoh, @erika_lew

These are all people on the bus you can interact with. (I don’t think Bill Florio has Twitter, and Bethany Hall is signing up for hers any day now.)

If you have cool places you know about that you think we should visit, use #AmericaGethard to let us know. And if you know people we should meet and/or could crash with, that’s cool too!

I really hope no one dies because of me.



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