11/30 on TCGS – The Greatest Rivalry in Sports!

Thanks to anyone who’s been checking out the recent stretch of The Chris Gethard Show. The Great American Presidential Debate, Sibling Rivalries, The Milkshake of Death, The Hero’s Journey, and Sandwich Night have easily been some of our best episodes. Next week, we’re doing something really different for us and I think it has the potential to be just as good as anything else we’ve ever done.


Many people who work on the Chris Gethard Show – including myelf, Shannon O’Neill, JD Amato, Keith Bethea, Phil Jackson, Michael Kayne, and George Kareman – are members of a basketball team called The Del Harris Marathon. We take it way too seriously.

Our arch-enemies are a squad of Jewish guys named The 4Skins. We do not like them as people. We do not like them as players. It is our mission in life to destroy them every time we take the court against them.

A few weeks back, we staged a game between The Del Harris Marathon and The 4Skins. We packed a gym full of fans. We set up a six camera shoot. Our man Andrew Flynn Soltys directed the shit out of it and even set up a CRANE SHOT. A motherfucking CRANE SHOT.

On Wednesday, we will be joined by some very special guests, The Basketball Jones. They’re a collective of NBA bloggers whose work I have long followed. They’re currently on a national tour and one stop on this tour will be our public access show. They will lend their expertise and opinions as we break down this heated rivalry, screen footage from the game, and invite players from both teams into the studio to talk vicious shit to each other.

You can’t get the NBA right now due to this bullshit ass lockout. This will be the closest you can get.


Please join The Chris Gethard Show on 11/30 as we explore THE GREATEST RIVALRY IN SPORTS.