TCGS On The Road – Tuesday, 1/17, BOSTON!

Next Tuesday, 1/17, The Chris Gethard Show will be playing a show at ImprovBoston. It’s the first time we’ve done any road shows since switching from being a stage show to a public access television show, and I can promise you this – we are committed to making sure we bring Boston what can only be described as a “bonkers ass time!”

Some logistics first – you can get tickets at – I suggest you grab yours soon, as they’re selling fast!

I believe copies of my new book, A Bad Idea I’m About to Do, will be available at the theater, and I’ll happily sitck around and sign copies for anyone who wants one. It embarrasses me that I typed that sentence. Moving on –

Our show is gonna be nuts, you guys. It will be split into two parts, and both are gonna be crazy –

The Pissy Pants Challenge


The Sober Acid Trip

With music by Boston’s own BIG DIGITS.

The first two thirds of our show will revolve around a game show where our cast members play on behalf of audience members, who will have a chance to win a prize package comprised of items from our cast members’ homes! The winner will be determined by a very simple method – all competitors will wear adult diapers on stage, and whoever winds up with the diaper that weighs the most at the end of the show will win that prize package for their audience member. It should get both tense and messy quickly. We’ll have multiple rounds of trivia, challenges, and stunts that will help determine who has the best chance to win the world’s least asked for contest, The Pissy Pants Challenge!

After that, we’re very, very excited to debut a new experiment we’ve never done before. THE SOBER ACID TRIP. Most of us at the Chris Gethard Show have never taken hallucinogenic drugs. That being said, we are often told that our show is insane and watching it bends the borders of reality. We’re taking this opportunity out on the road to put that into action as much as we ever have by executing an event aimed at making audience members feel like they are actually hallucinating. We want people in the audience for this to feel like they are losing their grip on reality. We can not promise that this will be a pleasant experience. People prone to seizures will be asked to leave the room before this starts. It is going to be sensory overload, super weird, and could be a complete and total failure. That being said, if it’s cool at all it’s going to be very cool. And also very odd. And perhaps very scary. We’ll find out together, Boston!

This show will feature appearances by:

Chris Gethard

Will Hines

Murf the Reservoir Dog

Random Andrew

The Human Fish!

Phil Jackson

Noah Forman

Presidential candidate Connor Ratliff


The World’s Greatest Dancer Rob Malone

Emma Noble

JD Amato

Keith “Who is that man?” Bethea

Patrick Cotnoir

Andrew Parrish

Lee “Lee K.” Kazimir

The Man Behind the Plant

Jon Hess


and who knows who else?

Be there Boston. It’s gonna be bananas.



@chrisgethard I AM SO EXCITED! Be prepared for me to describe the details of the dream I had about you over drinks after. #creepytweets


@chrisgethard your book is so good so far. Except I feel like I know more about your balls than I ever thought possible.