Saturday 4/14 – TCGS on the road: NEW YORK IS BETTER THAN PHILLY

We like to take The Chris Gethard Show on the road as often as possible. It’s fun, it allows us to meet people from all over the country, it allows us to bring the brand of weirdness we’ve been developing in our little public access studio to a lot of people who have never seen it before.

And sometimes, it allows us to express the dominance of our city over any other.

Look – NEW YORK and PHILADELPHIA have a rivalry, to say the least. The cities are only two hours apart. Our sports teams BATTLE. Our sports fans HATE EACH OTHER. New York views Philly as the small, loudmouth, nearby thorn in its side. Philly views New York as its snooty, condescending, over-priced, over-rated neighbor to the north.

I have first hand knowledge of this; I live in Queens. My brother lives in Philly. We often talk shit to each other. It always starts playful; it always gets too serious.

Well on Saturday, 4/14/2012, The Chris Gethard Show crew is heading to Philly so we can make this battle happen head on and settle once and for all which city is just straight up better. I assume our team is going to win, so I’ve titled the show NEW YORK IS BETTER THAN PHILADELPHIA.

Here’s how it will work. I, Chris Gethard, will captain a team of New York comedians and personalities you know and love from the public access television show that bears my name. My brother, Gregg Gethard, will gather a team of Philadelphia comedians and personalities that he feels represent the best the city of brotherly love has to offer.

These comedians will face off in individual challenges. Every time one team’s wins a challenge, they will be allowed to place one ingredient of their choosing into a blender. At the end of the night, we will see who has won the most challenges overall. The captain of the losing team will then be forced to blend whatever’s in the blender all together and drink what we lovingly refer to as THE MILKSHAKE OF DEATH.

It’s New York vs. Philly. It’s brother vs. brother. It’s for all the bragging rights, all the shit talk. And it’s all going down at Connie’s Ric Rac on Saturday, April 14th, at 9 pm.

We wanna see Philly residents come out to cheer on their heroes. We wanna see New Yorkers taking that ole Chinatown bus down to this show to root for their New York reps and also help us get out of there safely when drunken Philly lunatics try to punch us in the face. (I suggest you all come down early and check out the Mutter Museum of medical oddities, perhaps the only thing I like about the backwater burg known as Philadelphia. Make a day out of it!)

You can track all the shit talk going back and forth between the cast and the city residents by going to Twitter and searching for #NYisBetterThanPhilly

Tickets for this once in a lifetime event can be purchased at New York Is Better Than Philly

Bethany Hall will be keeping score and curating the Milkshake of Death. The LLC will be providing a musical soundtrack to the entire evening. Chris and Gregg Gethard will be captaining the teams. And the following are the brave warriors who will be facing off in this titanic brawl:

Murf, aka the Reservoir Dog, aka the Scourge of Gimghoul will be representing NYC and going head to head with Philly’s Brendan Kennedy in a series of challenges to see which city boasts the bigger man’s man.

Philadelphia’s own Aaron Hertzog will be meeting up with TCGS poet Phil Jackson in a series of head to head freestyle battles that will determine once and for all which city can say they have the better wordsmith.

New York sports fanatic and notorious smartass Noah Forman will be dueling it out in a grueling sports trivia battle with Philly’s Mike McNeil in what promises to be the portion of the evening that has the most potential to lead to a gang fight.

Ian David Vaflor will champion Philly and Random Melissa will represent NYC as they battle off with musical instruments in a contest of sight reading to see which city boasts more musical prowress. NYC = The Ramones. Philly = The Dead Milkmen. Both cities still churn out badass bands. These two individuals will determine with authority which city can lay bragging rights once and for all.

Bananaman and Rob Malone will engage in a dance battle with Alex Gross and a yet to be named partner in a dance battle for the ages. This will be a test of the heart, grit, and determination of each city’s warriors. This dance battle will start at the very beginning of the show and last until the end. Any time one of the participants needs to take a break or get a drink of water, it will be counted as a loss and an ingredient will be added to the milkshake of death. Their dancing will express the pure determination of their entire town.

This show is already stirring up a lot of shit. Not only did the #NYisBetterThanPhilly hashtag immediately start trending in Philly as angry residents instantly backlashed against it, I also had to reach out to a number of Philly residents who were encouraging a boycott of the show to explain myself and explain that this team based battle is all in good fun (until it isn’t.) I highly suggest you get your tickets today! Once again, they’re available at New York Is Better Than Philly

I’ll seeya there, Philly. I’ll be the one rocking the dope ass Carmelo Anthony jersey.


Chris Gethard


this is an important question -what was the final score?