6/13 on TCGS – Farewell Melissa with Mal Blum

Bonnaroo has come and gone! We had so much fun on the road. And Shannon and company held it down two week, although it is weird to see doppelgangers try to usurp me. And thanks to all who watched and supported our very thrown together and experimental show broadcast live from a dorm room at Asbury University last week. Thanks to everyone for supporting all the TCGS madness the past few weeks. And special thanks to Yula for bringing her Extended Family to our stage and bringing her melodic, beautiful madness to our stage while I was out of town. If I have one regret about the BonnarooGethard experience, it’s that I missed her in our studio.

This week we’ll say goodbye to our good friend, and the most Random Random of all time, Random Melissa. Melissa came on our show and the day after she attained the Random crown she was in a van with us on the way to North Carolina. Since then, she’s just shown up unexpectedly with violins, made a robot costume with swords and elaborate weaponry, and just in general embraced Randomness to its core. I will miss her beyond words. She is a cool, funny, weird lady and it has been the show’s honor to have her on board.

This week’s show will mark Random Melissa’s final time on the show, and we will make sure the floor is hers to say her goodbyes and that we say our goodbyes to her. It will be honest, genuine stuff –

– as such – callers – I want you all to feel free to call up this week to air your honest, genuine stuff as well. We will not be defining the call in topic, per se – but if anyone wants to anonymously admit to a crime, or ask out someone they’ve had a crush on for a while, or fill us in on the darkest aspects of their past, our phone lines are open and our operators are standing by. I want to see how raw and real we can get this week with the calls – on a goodbye show, this seems like a very valid way to fuel the sentimentality and sadness.

On top of all of that impending emotional weirdness, I’m super psyched to welcome our musical guest MAL BLUM to the show this week. Mal writes super sweet hybrids of folk and punk songs and I downloaded her album and I love it. The thing about Mal’s song is that they will rip your heart out of your fucking chest but also will make you laugh at the same time. Also, the songs are lo fi and accessible but then you can’t get the tunes out of your head for like four days.

(In writing about Mal and how excited I am for the show, I am reminded that I need to once again point out that Kiri, Heidi, and Zane kill it as the musical attack squadron of TCGS. They book great acts that I’m always excited by and do a fantastic job of introducing myself and the world of the show to artists that really and truly deserve the support we love to give them.)

Remember – the show can be viewed live at this very website. The show can be called at 212-757-1393. It is going to be a real fun time and I can not wait to get back into that studio after a few weeks on the road!


is there going to be a contest for the 4th random?


@ChrisGethard How raw do you want it to get? BTW I'm listening to @malblum for the first time. Super wonderful stuff.