Fan Fiction Theater w/music by Craig Finn – 11/28 on TCGS!

I always like to say that the viewers of this show are its real writers. This week, I’m putting my money where my mouth is on that one way more than I ever have before.

We want you, the viewers of TCGS, to submit fan fiction featuring the cast and crew members of the show. Our head writers Noah and Dru will pick their favorites, and those same cast and crew members will act out what you’ve dictated live on the air.

Want to see Shannon fist fight Bananaman to the death?

Looking to see what happens when Bethany and Murf get trapped in the earth’s core and need to fight a series of monsters in order to get out?

In the mood for the World’s Greatest Dancer Rob Malone to give a touching monologue about the nature of human sadness?

Now’s your chance! Write up scenes featuring any and every of the TCGS regulars – Gethard, Shannon, Bethany, Murf, The Human Fish, the LLC, Bananaman, Rob Malone, Hot Dog Parrish, Jersey Dave, Noah, Dru, Vacation Jason, Phil Jackson, Connor Ratliff – go for broke! We’ll do our best to get all of those people in attendance on Wednesday so you can see your creation brought to life on the public access airwaves.

Here’s some rules:

– Please limit your script to three pages or less.

– Make sure to give it a title and list who you’d like the writing credited to.

That’s about it. Those are all the rules! Get your script over to [email protected] by noon est on Wednesday and it might just show up on our show!

On top of all that weirdness, we are super psyched to welcome Craig Finn as our musical guest. Besides his solo output, Craig is also known as the frontman of the immortal Hold Steady. He’ll be treating us to some tracks from his new solo album¬†clear hearts, full eyes. We couldn’t be more excited.

Call us at 212-757-1393 if you want to throw additions into the fan fiction or build one on your feet. Anyone in NYC who wants to attend should email [email protected] – this will be our last show in the big studio for the foreseeable future, so if you want to be an audience member try to get in now – we’re not sure what our audience capabilities will be for the next few months!



I hope they realize most fan fiction is homoerotic porn.