12/19 on TCGS – PANIC ATTACKS! w/musical guest Claire’s Diary!

I had a small panic attack on Friday, and this week on #TCGS we’re gonna TALK ABOUT IT. Shannon and Bethany are two of the few people on earth who have seen me have actual panic attacks and we’re gonna have a frank and honest discussion about what it’s like to both have and witness said incidents.

If YOU have panic attacks and want to compare yours to mine, please call the show at 212-996-1413!

Last week was our first week at our new temporary studio in Harlem, and we are all getting used to it. Cast, crew, MNN staff – we’re all figuring this out together. We hope you enjoy witnessing in real time as we deal with things like a teleprompter cycling diet advice to us at lightning speed and the phones just straight up not working. While these things are definitely challenges, we hope to face em head on, turn them into watchable television, and discover how they’re strengths and not drawbacks as time goes on.

On top of all that, we’re psyched to welcome Claire’s Diary to TCGS this week! Their teenaged punk rock stylings should fit in real nice with the band of weirdos that hang out at our show and we couldn’t be more excited to have them.

Tickets for this week’s episode are already sold out! We invite you to call in and watch live on MNN or at www.thechrisgethardshow.com ! Wednesday, 11 PM eastern!