1/16 on TCGS – Loser is the New Nerd 2 w/music by SCREAMING FEMALES

It’s time for this community to once again embrace what it is: A BUNCH OF LOSERS.

Last year, the TCGS community rallied around a very simple idea: it’s getting much easier to be a nerd these days. There’s a lot of really good looking people who say they’re nerds. Pretty human beings who are avowed Walking Dead fans. Cheerleader types with coke bottle glasses. Superstar athletes who choose to wear sweater vests and ill-fitting backpacks.

That’s great. But there is a certain class of nerd that knows being a nerd used to be synonymous with being called a LOSER. That’s who TCGS really is for – the kids who trip UP steps, kids who sneezed during their first kiss because they were allergic to the girl’s lip gloss, kids with slight skeletal deformities, all the things that you DON’T get to choose, the things you don’t get to OPT INTO, the things that you are born with and that suck and make you the ugly duckling when you’re young.

We’re giving away the word nerd, but we’re TAKING LOSER BACK. That’s one of the missions of this community. We’re losers. But we’re good at being losers! We lose well.

Last year, we heard from all sorts of sad sacks, bozos, and goons who called into the show and let us know what makes them a true loser. It was a celebration of sadness, and empowering evening, and owning of our faults in a joyous and beautiful way. It wound up being one of the more uplifting nights I’ve had as part of this ramshackle show and I want to make it a tradition and do it all over again!

SO – there are a number of ways you can participate in this –

1) Call us up during the show on Wednesday night and tell us what makes you a true loser! And if you called in last year, call up again and tell us the most loserish thing that you did this year! 212-996-1413 is the number, get ready to rock!

2) Send us a picture of yourself holding an “I AM A LOSER” sign to [email protected] – we’ll air the best ones during our show and post our favorites on our Tumblr throughout the week! Brian Miller has been killing it on tumblr and has amassed an army of loser fans over there – get your picture up on the site and take a chance on becoming a viral loser icon! Show off what makes you loserish in the picture – show off your inhaler, your back brace, your bifocals, let’s go for broke!

This community is a strong one and it means the world to me! I have always felt like a loser with my big head and weird fingers and fucked up elbows that stick out. I can’t change any of those things, and as I’ve grown up I’ve realized I don’t want to! Let’s hear about the things you can’t change and come together as a community to say we don’t wanna change them either!

On top of all that good time, we are so so psyched to welcome THE SCREAMING FEMALES to the TCGS stage. If you aren’t familiar with the Screaming Females, you’re simply put missing out on some of the best guitar based underground punk rock to come along in ages. Our audience is going to FLIP THE FUCK OUT at the Screaming Females and I predict the dancers in the studio are going to short circuit and lose their minds. The Screaming Females come out of the basement scene of New Brunswick, NJ where I went to college, they release albums on the great Don Giovanni Records who have already had such an imprint on the show with bands like Laura Stevenson and the Cans, Black Wine, Shellshag all having released music on the label, not to mention connections with Mikey Erg, Night Birds, and more! What I’m saying is The Screaming Females are built to melt the faces of the TCGS audience and I can’t wait to see it happen!

This is gonna be one hell of a show! Get those pictures in, you losers! LET’S LOSE!