1/23 on TCGS – The Advice of Angels and Devils with music by the Little Seizures!

You know in cartoons when people have a decision to make and an angel pops up on one shoulder and a devil pops up on the other and the person with the choice to make has a moral quandary as the try to decide?

This week, we at The Chris Gethard Show would love to be your angels and devils.

We have a simple premise that could go in so many directions – dark, weird, uplifting, hopeful – and it can go in any of those directions fast. Here’s how it works:

1) You call us up during the show and ask for advice about any aspect of your life. Anything goes.

2) If our panelists have no advice for you, they will do nothing.

– If they have sensible, rational, positive advice, they will hold up a white sheet of paper. This will indicate that they are willing to give you the advice that will make them the angel on your shoulder.

– If they have evil, vindictive, negative advice, they’ll hold up a red sheet of paper. This will indicate that they are willing to give you the advice that will make them the devil on your shoulder.

You tell us who you want to hear from.

This idea isn’t an effort to be cartoonish and dumb – it’s an effort to give you the actual advice you need. We all know that sometimes you wind up in a situation where you want to hear about how to keep your chin up and creatively work your way around problems. There are other times when you want to give in to your hate like it’s the motherfucking dark side – you want to hear about ways to get healthy revenge, ways to revel in the licking of your own wounds. All of these are valid and we’re willing to be the mouthpiece for advice of all bents – we aren’t going to encourage you to do anything crazy, but we are willing to help you voice all ends of your emotional spectrum as you deal with the things you’re dealing with in life.

It will be just like Looney Tunes, or that one scene in Animal House where when you watch it now you’re like “Jeez, in the 70s they made straight up rape jokes. Eww.”

On top of all that, we are joined by our musical guests LITTLE SEIZURES! Brace yourselves for pure punk rock, for dancy, spazzy, angry punk that will make you dance your way all across the Harlem stage we temporarily call home. I’m positive that the TCGS crowd will click hard with the stylings of Little Seizures – not only because they rock, but because one of their members is the LLC’s own Bill Florio, one of the only members of the TCGS cast to have been a part of this wild ride from our very first stage show at UCB.

This show is going to be a scorcher and I can’t wait to see how it goes down!