2/13 on TCGS – Top of the Charts w/music by ANAMANAGUCHI !

I love the community surrounding TCGS. Doing this show is a great source of pride, and the people all over the world who are finding it mean everything to me. We’re building something strange and cool and I couldn’t be prouder to be at the helm of it.

That being said, I think even the most ardent supporter of TCGS would agree that almost no one knows about it. Every the show gets written up, a point is made to note that we are a “cult” show. I’m totally fine with that. Many of my favorite things of all time have the cult status attached to them. But – wouldn’t it be cool to make a splash, spread this thing far and wide, see how big we can go with it?

This week we’re going to try – and we need your help.

LET IT BE KNOWN – if at any point between the posting of this message and 11 pm est on February 13, 2013 The Chris Gethard Show becomes the #1 ranked video comedy podcast on iTunes, I will spend the entire hour of next week’s show listening to Gangnam style on a loop, while Emma Noble uncomfortably slaps me in the face, with an ice pack in my underwear, all while doing advanced Algebra even though math is so impossible to me that it sends me into a depressed rage.

In other words, I will drive myself completely insane for your amusement over the course of that hour. We’ll probably pile on a whole lot of other things that I’ll have to do – the above is just our starting point. Feel free to make suggestions on the message board at www.thechrisgethardshow.com

I am the first to admit that this is a bold faced effort to galvanize our community into sending our show up a dumb list – but hopefully this feels like a way to do it that allows the viewers to have fun and strategize on how to make it happen, all with the reward of knowing you’re going to force your favorite public access show host into breaking his own mind live on tv for your viewing pleasure.

How can you effect the iTunes ranks? Theres a few ways: subscribe to the show. If you are already subscribed, you can unsubscribe and resubscribe and it will have an effect. You can leave a rating – the star system they have set up is very easy to use. You can write a review of the show – that’s probably the most important one of all.

A few weeks ago I mentioned that iTunes reviews help on Twitter, and a few people went on and left them – and the show quickly moved up the comedy video podcast list. This is a thing that we can actually have an impact on, and we as a community can make a game out of doing so. And if we win the game by getting to that top spot, all hell will break loose Wednesday night at MNN studios.

On top of all that chaos, we are welcoming a band that makes so much sense on TCGS that it’s a crime we haven’t been able to have them on before now – ANAMANAGUCHI! For anyone who doesn’t know, these guys make their tunes on old Nintendos and Game Boys. They turn the nostalgic fun gaming technology of the past into fun ass dance tunes of the future! I can’t wait to see our audience go wackadoo for these guys – a perfect match, if ya ask me!

Ok – seeya at the show. Hopefully I’ll have to do a whole bunch of degrading stuff. You guys are the best!

– Chris Gethard