2/6 on TCGS – Farewell, Random Meneascha with DANNY TAMBERELLI and MIKE MARONNA (The Adventures of Pete and Pete!) w/musical guest LEDA!

It would be impossible for me to be more excited about this week’s show. First and foremost, Mike Marrone and Danny Tamberelli will be joining the panel. You may remember them as Big Pete and Little Pete from the Nickelodeon classic The Adventures of Pete and Pete. I am bugging out.

It would be impossible for me to overstate my love of Pete and Pete. Like many of the best things I discovered, my brother discovered it as a kid and got me hooked on it. I have rarely identified with a show as much as I did that one, and to this day I have a fierce devotion to it. I think it’s one of the best comedy shows ever, easily the best kids’ show ever, and I bring up Pete and Pete very frequently at TCGS writers’ meetings as I talk about how we build this weird world of characters and what not – no show has ever done that in a cooler way than Pete and Pete.

If I make one thing in my whole life that people love as much as I love The Adventures of Pete and Pete, I’ll die a happy man.

Danny and Mike will be on hand as we say FAREWELL TO RANDOM MENEASCHA!

As any fan of our show knows, every fifteen weeks we add a new totally random cast member to the show – this is a person that no one associated with the show knows. It brings a unique flavor to the show, divides the show up into seasons in a weird way, and goes a long way to show how dedicated to uncertainty, weirdness, and chaos TCGS is. It’s a real good time.

In early October of 2012, we did a show where the entire cast was blindfolded. At the end of that show, a young lady named Meneascha emerged from the studio audience and literally fell into my lap. She told me her name was Meneascha and she wanted to be the new Random. It was a joyous, surprising moment.

Then, she never returned.

Our fifth Random was a woman of mystery, whose time on the show totaled around 45 seconds. We never got to know her. She didn’t have the interjections and loose cannon nature of Random Jean. She didn’t grow into her own before our eyes like Random Andrew. She wasn’t the mysterious, cool presence that was Random Melissa, and she didn’t bring a sweet, open energy to the show like Random Ellen did. She left a void, a presence of negative space that was in its own way as interesting as any of these things.

This week, we dedicate a full hour to celebrating the most random Random of all, Random Meneascha. Call in and tell us your favorite Random Meneascha memory. Call in and tell us what you’ll remember most about her – in the same way that you have so many fond memories of The Adventures of Pete and Pete! We want this to be an episode about nostalgia. Nostalgia for Random Meneascha in recent times. Nostalgia for our childhoods via a show we all grew up loving. Nostalgia in general – that lingering feeling that things in the past go away too fast, and that we grow up sooner than we want to.

Call in and celebrate all of these feelings with us.

On top of that, we welcome LEDA to the show! I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Leda live a number of times and they are a balls out, no bullshit rock and roll band. I can’t wait to see our crowd rock out as we all throw down together!