Goal 1 Achieved – Let’s go for top overall VIDEO podcast!

This gang actually made us get to the top of the comedy video podcast chart…
So right now I’ll be hosting the show on Wednesday while:
- Doing algebra
- and listening to Gangnam Style on a loop
- with an ice pack in my underwear
- and Emma Noble slapping me in the face.
THE NEXT STOP – top overall VIDEO podcast. If we can overtake the dastardly Bill Maher, on top of all those other things, I will ALSO host the show next Wednesday:
- after letting Diana Kolsky paint my face however she wants (important note: I will not look in a mirror between the time she paints my face and the beginning of the show)
- while eating a bunch of deviled eggs I make (important note: i have no idea how to make them and will not use a recipe)
- and while wearing the most humiliating shirt a member of our studio audience brings that night, as determined by the vote of our studio audience
I doubted our ability to get to the top of the video comedy podcast chart, and you guys made it happen in a day. I 100% definitely doubt our ability to get to the top of the overall video chart. We have to overtake heavy hitters like Rachel Maddow, Jim Cramer, the NBC Nightly News and Ted Talks.
We are in 10th place as of this writing. I don’t know if we can do it.
If we pull that off, we then go for top overall comedy podcast, and that’s when things get REALLY interesting…
Here’s a link where you can rate us and add a review to keep this momentum going – https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-chris-gethard-show/id446647559?mt=2
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