12/11 on TCGS – The Cream Wedding (Final Show of the Year!)

What a crazy fun, long year it’s been. So many ups, so many downs, so many things at the end of this year to be excited about.

I’m glad it’s ending on a celebration of the truest purest love I’ve ever seen.

When we first met the Guy Who Likes Cream But Not Too Much Cream, we only knew him as a coffee addicted CEO of the Dairy Queen corporation. His Personal Barista was merely an afterthought, an accessory. Little did we know that the two characters were falling in love before our very eyes. Earlier this year, Guy Who Likes Cream But Not Too Much Cream proposed to His Personal Barista and he said yes!

This week, their wedding happens live on the air! Let’s all celebrate love together as we see two fictional characters born on our show reach ultimate connectivity and happiness!

Every wedding has a section where people are allowed to air objections – if you have any objections to this union, please call us up at 212-757-1393.

This will be our last live episode of 2013. Next week we will air the Gimghoul Special. On the 25th we’ll have the Spirit of Gethard 3. After that we disappear for a while as we go out into a scarier world and film a pilot for Comedy Central.

I want to sincerely thank everyone who’s watched and supported TCGS this year. I feel like we’ve really stepped up our game. We also made it through the East Harlem era, which made me realize this community wasn’t going to give up on us. We’ve had successes, failures, crazy shows and huge twists and turns. I’m honored to be at the helm of it and can’t thank you all enough.



I can't wait to see the pilot! I'm going to miss seeing all of you until then :-(. 

Watching your show has brought me so much joy and laughter. It's the only thing I look forward to every week!