Hello everyone! Gethard here with some big news – the TCGS pilot taping will be on Thursday, January 30th. It’s going to be a helluva lot of fun.
If you’d like to come to this event, we’d love to have you there – BUT there’s a few things you should know:
1) You need to commit a giant chunk of your time to this taping. We’re going all night long and if you’re in, we need you to commit to being in for all of it. Assume this will be an evening that starts early and ends late. If you can’t commit to all of it, please don’t claim a ticket.
2) If you aren’t willing to dance, don’t take up a ticket. Seriously.
3) Come correct on that costume game.
4) TICKETS ARE VERY LIMITED. Not everyone who wants a ticket will be able to get a ticket. So I’m going to break down how I think it’s fair for this one to go. 
We’ve had many fans of the show say they’re going to come from out of town to NYC to attend the pilot taping. Priority will be given to out of town guests. This is because as far as I’m concerned, when we’re picked up for ONE MILLION EPISODES RIGHT OFF THE BAT, it means New Yorkers will have endless chances to see TCGS up close and personal. I’ve had people tell me they’re coming from places like Brazil, San Francisco, and Hawaii – those people will be given first dibs.
As far as New Yorkers go, our regulars will get first dibs. There are people who have come to this show at a public access studio every Wednesday night for 2.5 years. There are some people who even schlepped up to every episode we did in East Harlem. Those regulars will get the first crack at tickets.
After the out of towners and the regulars have theirs, we’ll disburse the rest of the tickets until we pack it right up to the fire code.
Email email hidden; JavaScript is required with your ticket request. DO NOT COME TO THE TAPING unless you get a verification email back saying you definitely have a spot. We’re going to need to be really on top of our game on this one so you will get an email back if you have a ticket – it may take a while to hear about this, especially if you’re in New York. Please mention in your email where you are coming from just so we know who is planning on coming from long distances.
Even if you have already emailed asking about the pilot, please email again. We are opening up all slots STARTING NOW.
Please don’t email multiple times. I promise we’ll get back to you.
I know this post may seem harsh or blunt, but my whole thing is I want to get as MANY people in as possible, I want it to feel like THE FAMILY is coming together, I want us all to throw down and have fun and throw down with this one. We get ONE SHOT to get this thing right and I’m so psyched so many people want to be a part of it – I’ll do my best to get EVERYBODY in, but please be understanding and work with us as we build towards this fun and momentous and very stressful evening in all of our lives.
Thanks. And seeya on the 30th!
- Gethard



You guys have been working so hard on it that it's more than just one shot! It's a culmination of so many shots!  And you will ROCK IT.  Hope to be there to support and have a great time!  Congrats!!!! 


@ChrisGethard you think if I fly out there and my plane lands at 4p that I'll have enough time to get from JFK to wherever the taping is?