8/20 on TCGS – SHOULD WE KEEP DOING THIS SHOW? with musical guest BLACK WINE!

Fans of TCGS know that recently I’ve been of a mentality I’ve dubbed EVOLVE OR DIE – meaning the show needs to shift gears somehow or move on. The past month we’ve done some episodes that touch on this in serious ways, we’ve done some goofy episodes to push ourselves in some new directions, and we’ve tried to tie up a bunch of loose ends in case the death of the show is near.

This Wednesday, the Evolve or Die project comes to a head.

This week, we have a simple call in topic – “Should we keep doing this show?” Call up, say yes or no, and we’ll keep a running tally. For most calls, we’ll simply take your yes or no and hang up. Every once in a while, randomly, I will ask a caller to expand on their thoughts regarding this subject.

I’m going to take all these thoughts and opinions and my feelings regarding the show and I’m gonna go away for a while. I’m gonna get married, then I’m gonna go on a honeymoon, and I’m going to put this show out of my mind as best as possible during that stretch so as to enjoy it all as much as possible.

I won’t be emailing or tweeting or thinking about the show in that time.

HERE’S THE DEAL AFTER THAT – Tune in on September 24th. That’s the first week I’ll be back in NYC.

If there’s a show on, then TCGS continues.

If there’s no show on, I decided to hang it up.


On this intense and introspective and emo week, I’m glad we get to break things up with the music of our old friends BLACK WINE! This will be Black Wine’s second appearance on TCGS and I’m happy to welcome back their rock and roll stylings. They just released a new album on the great Don Giovanni Records. It’s a scorcher and I hope you check it out!


Keep doing the show. I just found after watching Seth Meyers. I want to see more. Congratulations! Wishing you and your new wife the best.