About The Show

The Chris Gethard Show has been referred to as “an often riveting experiment in seat-of-your-pants broadcasting” by The New York Times, “a party on the public access airwaves” by New York Magazine, and once caused Conan O’Brien to say “we’re going to rip that off.”

Broadcast every Wednesday night at 11pm eastern from the Manhattan Neighborhood Network studios on the far west side of Manhattan and available both live and archived on the internet, TCGS is different each week – sometimes insane, sometimes heartfelt, sometimes sad, and hopefully always in some way funny. With no formula, no budget, and no mainstream attention, the show survives on the heart, inventiveness, and stubborn dedication of the thirty or so people that comprise the cast, crew, and support team of the show on any given week.

The Chris Gethard Show began as a stage show at the legendary Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in 2009. It quickly gained a cult following and a reputation for pulling off some bizarre stunts, among them: using Twitter to book Diddy as a guest, staging a show to make a depressed teenager from Ohio have the best night of his life, and pulling off a cross-country tour, its route largely defined by people on Twitter while it was happening.

In June of 2011, The Chris Gethard Show left the world of underground comedy and entered the world of underground television, debuting on New York’s premiere public access station, the Manhattan Neighborhood Network. Every Wednesday night at 11pm eastern, Chris Gethard hosts a panel of comedians and weirdos who participate in weird games, take calls from listeners, and generally put on a bizarre weekly spectacle.

We hope you’ll join us each and every week as we touch base with this ever-expanding world of odd, hilarious characters. Call in, tweet at us, become a part of things!

The following are just some of the many people who keep the gears of TCGS running from week to week:

Chris Gethard (Host)

Gethard hosts the show and is the architect of the bizarre world of TCGS. He is very good at setting up truly insane environments in the studio, and even better at complaining about them.

Shannon O’Neill (Panelist)

Shannon O’Neill is the badass take no prisoners heart and soul of the show. She goes for it at all times and calls the bluff of anyone, be they panelist, guest, or caller.

Murf (Panelist)

Known alternately as The Scourge of Gimghoul, The Reservoir Dog, and “The Man With the Moustache of a Cowboy and the Haircut of a Samurai”, Murf is the quiet, mysterious man’s man of the show. A fan favorite amongst callers, Murf has a zen-like calm about him that barely masks the visceral sense of danger that surrounds him.

Bethany Hall (Panelist)

Bethany is the only completely sane person with a permanent seat on the TCGS panel. When things go truly off the rails, Bethany is generally the first and usually only one to voice her discomfort. Without her being a voice of reason, TCGS would descend into complete lawlessness. Her presence means that at the very least a sane viewpoint gets registered from time to time.

The Human Fish (Panelist)

A mysterious creature from the sea who is trying to figure out the world of men. He can only process information as battles, and can only express himself as such. “Chips vs. Nachos” might result in The Human Fish responding “Chips”. If you say “Hey Fish, how you doing?”, the bathing suit clad young fish boy will merely look at you in confusion.

The Random (panelist)

at all times, the TCGS panel includes someone who is randomly brought in from the streets of New York City and whom no one else involved in the show knows. This tradition began with the second episode when a young woman named Jean called the show to express her confusion towards it, then took up the cast on their offer to jump into a cab and join the cast. After 15 weeks Jean left the show to pursue an internship on the west coast. Since Jean, Randoms Andrew, Melissa, and Ellen have been a part of TCGS.

The LLC (House Band)

The LLC (Hallie Bulleit, Bill Florio, Joe Evans, and Jon Vafiadis) are the greatest house band in public access. A crew of punk rock weirdos who can write pop, punk, hardcore, soul, or thrash songs at the drop of a hat, the LLC start each episode of TCGS with a high energy sing along and then write custom made songs to capture the mood of each week’s individual bit.

Presidential Candidate Connor Ratliff (Presidential Candidate)

Ratliff announced his presidential candidacy on the airwaves of TCGS and continues to make campaign appearances on the show every few weeks.

Phil Jackson (poet)

Phil Jackson is a friend of the show who drops by at his own discretion to deliver well worded and passionate poetry to the TCGS airwaves. He never watches the show – he arrives at his leisure and always walks out of the studio as soon as his poem is complete.

The World’s Greatest Dancer Rob Malone (World’s Greatest Dancer)

Rob is one of the audience coordinators of TCGS. He is also the World’s Greatest Dancer and will appear at any event to dance for the low, low price of $35.

Bananaman (Guy in Banana Suit)

Bananaman is one of the audience coordinators of TCGS and is also the most fun human being on planet earth. There is no fun situation that Bananaman will say no to and no dare he will turn down.

Hot Dog (Mystery)

Andrew “Hot Dog” Parrish is one of the audience coordinators of TCGS and also a notoriously mysterious man. He is known for eating peaches and also appearing on the show only during moments of great duress.

Duke Ponzetti (Head Writer)

Duke Ponzetti potrays Noah Forman, one of the head writers of TCGS. He also coordinates the show from the floor and Gethard can often be heard asking him what should be done next, as Gethard generally has no idea.

Dru Johnston (Head Writer)

Dru is one of the head writers of TCGS. He also bears an uncanny resemblance to enemy of the show The Hintmaster, and looks oddly like the personal barista of “The Man Who Likes Cream, BUT NOT TOO MUCH CREAM”

JD Amato (EP/Director/Head Writer)

JD Amato writes the show, produces the show, and directs the show. He is more responsible than anyone for making TCGS tick. On any given week, yo ucan trust that JD has had a hand in every decision made leading up to showtime, and you can always assume that his life has suffered the most during any given week due to his involvement in organizing the show.

Dan Klein (Fruit Reviews)

Dan Klein has free reign to do whatever he wants on the TCGS airwaves. He has continuously chosen to only review fruit.

The Guy Who Likes Cream, BUT NOT TOO MUCH CREAM (Fictional Character)

This character was the first winner elected from our “Crowdsourced Character Contest”. Out of 394 submissions and 10 finalists, TGWLC,BNTMC was the one our viewers voted should return as a semi-permanent piece of TCGS.

Vacation Jason (Bizarre Nuisance)

Vacation Jason is the world’s foremost vacation expert, as well as a well known thorn in the side of host Chris Gethard. TCGS viewers seem to have embraced Vacation Jason as a lovable piece of the show, in spite of or perhaps with the help of Gethard’s visible frustration towards him.

Mimi on the Hoops (Hula Hoops)

Mimi is the kinetic wallpaper of TCGS, and can be seen almost every single week dutifully hula hooping for the entire hour long duration of the show.

The Man Behind The Plant (Nick Feitel)

The Man Behind the Plant stays on top of all internet chicanery during the live broadcast. He’s like the guy from the Matrix who sits in the command center and deals with all the incoming and outgoing information. Also, he sits behind a plant.


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