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Hello everyone. My name is Chris Gethard, and I am nervous all of the time.

I’ve really enjoyed being back on MNN, but I won’t lie – the episodes feel slightly off to me and I think it’s because I am so overwhelmed by this year. We shot the pilot and are waiting to hear if it’s a go. My album comes out this week and I’m terrified no one will like it. I taped a Comedy Central half hour and am scared it will bomb.

These are all GREAT problems to have but I can’t lie, I am nervous all the time. I haven’t really done anything except WORK and stay at home. I am no longer social and barely see other human beings. I am scheduling tons of shows so I can just kind of stay under the radar personal life wise.

This week, we discuss that nervousness, the nervousness of the rest of the TCGS world regarding the pilot’s fate, and the idea of nervousness in general. Call in at 212-757-1393 and let us know what makes YOU nervous! We want to hear about nerves. It’s all I’m feeling lately, so let’s deal with it LIVE ON PUBLIC ACCESS!

On top of that, music from JEFF ROSENSTOCK! Jeff is by far one of the people our fans have requested the most to be on the show and we’re lucky to have him. On top of his solo career, Jeff just started a new band called ANTARTIGO VESPUCCI that put out a killer set of songs, and he was the head honcho of the incomparable Bomb the Music Industry! AND he and I are working on a musical about an ice cream store. This is not a joke. I can’t wait to have him on it. There are few people whose methods and ideals and vibe match TCGS as well as Jeff Rosenstock, and we are lucky to have him!


4/16 on TCGS: JD’s Nightmare w/music by Field Mouse!

Everyone knows that a director is the linchpin to any endeavor with as many moving parts as TCGS has. And our fans know that TCGS’s director is JD Amato, a workhorse who has put so much of this show on his shoulders since our move to public access that he arguably has more to doContinue Reading

4/9 on TCGS – Tell Us Something You’ve Never Told Anyone w/musical guest SLOTHRUST

Last week we returned with a bang! We waxed the Human Fish! Random Sandy Kane became our newest Random! The first 4.5 minutes of the show were not broadcast live because there is no better way for us to return then by not actually returning due to technical difficulties. This week we want to flexContinue Reading

TCGS RETURNS ON 4/2! The Human Fish gets waxed! With special guest Sal Vulcano, and music by Wheatus!

I. Can. Not. Wait. I’m so ready to get back in that studio and tear some things up! All of us here at TCGS headquarters can not stress enough that we are thrilled to be returning to public access and are chomping at the bit to throw down and have fun. THIS WEEK – TheContinue Reading


Hello everyone! Gethard here with some big news – the TCGS pilot taping will be on Thursday, January 30th. It’s going to be a helluva lot of fun. If you’d like to come to this event, we’d love to have you there – BUT there’s a few things you should know: 1) You need to commitContinue Reading

This week on TCGS Throwback: The Last Small Studio Show

This week’s guest on Talkin TCGS will be the incomparable SHANNON O’NEILL. Shannon, Griffin, and Riley will be discussing her role on the show, the show’s roots at the UCB Theater, and much more, including our sixth ever episode – the first one Shannon guest hosted, the first one where she interacted with Alyssa directly,Continue Reading

12/18 on TCGS – The MURF VS GIMGHOUL Special

This week on TCGS, we have a pre-taped special for you chronicling everything that’s happened in Murf’s legendary battle with the North Carolina based secret society known as The Order of Gimghoul. Viewers have thus far seen the many calls, call-outs, and meltdowns regarding Murf and Gimghoul that have happened live on TCGS. But theyContinue Reading

12/11 on TCGS – The Cream Wedding (Final Show of the Year!)

What a crazy fun, long year it’s been. So many ups, so many downs, so many things at the end of this year to be excited about. I’m glad it’s ending on a celebration of the truest purest love I’ve ever seen. When we first met the Guy Who Likes Cream But Not Too MuchContinue Reading

12/4 on TCGS – LET’S SCARE THE SHIT OUT OF BETHANY w/Blanche Baker and musical guest CRAZY AND THE BRAINS!

I hope everyone is recovering from Sandwich Night! We had a lot of fun with our own TCGS created holiday this year and hope you did too. Thanks to everyone who brought sandwich materials, Skyped in, and got together for their own Sandwich Night gatherings across the world. Now – I can think of noContinue Reading


Let’s have a party! Let’s come together as a community like bread comes together with fillings. I might rock some bologna and cheese! I might rock some hazelnut spread! I might put it on white bread! I might put it on a roll! SANDWICH NIGHT IS BACK. FOR THE THIRD YEAR IN A ROW TCGSContinue Reading