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4/16 on TCGS: JD’s Nightmare w/music by Field Mouse!

Everyone knows that a director is the linchpin to any endeavor with as many moving parts as TCGS has. And our fans know that TCGS’s director is JD Amato, a workhorse who has put so much of this show on his shoulders since our move to public access that he arguably has more to do with the show running than anyone, including me, Chris Gethard myself.

Well, JD is also EVIL as many fans of our show have seen. There have been a few stretches where his hands on approach has come to be seen as an outright dictatorship… so it’s clear to anyone that JD as a director likes being in control.

Well, this week, we are staging an episode known as JD’S NIGHTMARE. We aren’t planning anything. AND JD isn’t allowed to plan anything or call any shots on the day of the show. AND we are going to have him in his own area, with a camera pointed as him as he watches a show he is not allowed to have any part in executing. JD is one of my best friends, and I can guarantee you – this is his actual nightmare. Watching a creative endeavor he helped build with no ability to help it or craft it, while having to witness all of its mistakes that he knows he could help fix, is going to give him a meltdown – a meltdown you can watch live on public access TV!

We started this lack of input at the writers’ meeting, where we didn’t allow JD to sign off on anything. In what is already a promising sign, this lead to us not having any ideas for this episode, meaning we’re going in completely blind. That is already JD’s nightmare! And it only builds from here.

This is effectively two shows in one – what will the cast do with a completely free form hour? What form will this show take? How will Track Suit Liarhater integrate further into the show, or will he even show up again? What’s the deal with our newest random? How is the Human Fish’s chest hair doing? What characters will stop by during this lawless episode?

On top of that, you can also watch JD watch the show while you watch the show – it’s layers on layers of entertainment as you can watch an already chaotic show, then watch the heartbreak and torment of a human being who can not regulate that chaos in the way he is accustomed to.

ON TOP OF ALL THAT, we have music by Brooklyn’s own FIELD MOUSE. Field Mouse proudly proclaims themselves “dream pop”, which only bodes well for their relationship with our sensitive fan base. AND they have a 7 inch out entitled “You Guys Are Gonna Wake Up My Mom”, which could not be more in line with the type of person that watches our humble little show. My prediction is that they knock all of our socks off and all our fans download everything they ever put out immediately upon hearing it.

This one promises to be a disaster with just the right amount of torture towards an individual mixed in. Seeya there!


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12/11 on TCGS – The Cream Wedding (Final Show of the Year!)

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