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7/30 on TCGS – ShoutoutTV presents THE BOOTY SHAKE HOUR with Bo Montez and musical guest CHRIS FARREN

Hey everyone -

Gethard here. Thanks for watching last week. Anyone who saw episode 137 can tell you I’m currently experiencing some very complex feelings regarding the state of The Chris Gethard Show and my life in general. With that in mind, it felt like maybe this week I should take some personal time to contemplate the future of the show. Luckily, one of our public access allies was down to take our weekly slot off our hands.

BO MONTEZ is a public access legend, the mastermind behind ShoutoutTV and the host of the infamous BOOTY SHAKE HOUR. While he’s never appeared on TCGS personally, he did appear on the show of our other good friend Conspiracy Theory Gary (whom, we hear, is also booked to appear as a guest on this hour of Booty Shake TV.)

The Booty Shake Hour is an hour long dance based celebration of the human ass. Bo Montez is a well dressed man who proudly proclaims that he has access to both the CLASSIEST booties and the TRASHIEST booties. His show generally consists of nothing but him grinning and dancing and putting his face next to the booties that he unleashes upon the world.

I am very excited to have Bo Montez take over the TCGS feed this week. Since this is a TCGS/ShoutoutTV co-production, Bo has let me know that he wants any and all TCGS fans who are so inclined to join him in the studio. BUT – he’s requesting that if you do show up, you wear an outfit that shows off your fine booty, and that you be ready to dance and show off that booty on camera. Seriously, I’ve watched The Booty Shake Hour enough times to know that you don’t sit around and watch – you get up and show off your booty. Bo is encouraging you to wear booty shorts, Dazzie Dukes, thongs, whatever you see fit – as long as it shows off your booty and as long as you’re ready to dance.

Being a gracious man, Bo Montez has also agreed to host our previously booked musical guest CHRIS FARREN into the Booty Shake Hour this week. Chris is a fine punk rock gentleman, with a slamming catalogue of original solo work, badass covers, work with his group Fake Problems, a killer recent release with Antartigo Vespucci, and much, much more. Chris was also seen on TCGS playing alongside his buddy Jeff Rosenstock, the episode when the infamous “Eat More Butts” chant spontaneously broke out. It seems that any time Chris Farren becomes involved in TCGS, things turn very ass-driven.


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