Donate to TCGS!


We here at The Chris Gethard Show have long resisted asking for donations from our fan base. We are proud to bring you an hour of content each week purely born out of our love of doing so. It’s been our philosophy that until we had specific goals to build towards, we wouldn’t ask people to donate money just so we could have more money.

The TCGS gang have some specific plans for things that will help us take the show from its current lovable state to the next level. We want to put on a better weekly show, better touring shows, and better special events for you guys. We want to do this with the independent mindset that TCGS is known for. We want to do this in a big way. To do that, there are costs.

At this point, between our regular shows, specials, and election special, we’ve put over 100 hours of content out into the world. That’s on top of touring as much as possible (often at a financial loss), putting on concerts around NYC, and maintaining performance schedules and day jobs outside of the world of TCGS. Without the freedom and breathing room money provides, we think it will be impossible for us to continue to expand and better the very loved labor of love that is TCGS.

So, we ask you with no pressure and with the promise that your money will not line any individuals’ pockets and instead will help build an infrastructure to make TCGS a bigger and better thing – if you love this show, if you support the way we approach doing it, if you believe in the punk rock nature of what we’ve done and want to see it continue with that mindset, donate to the show. Every dollar goes a long way and you will see it show up down the line in concrete ways.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Thank you for watching the show. Thank you for being a part of this community. And if you decide to do so, thank you for donating your hard earned money. We don’t take it lightly and know it’s our responsibility to use it to make this thing better in return.

So many thanks –
Chris Gethard